Help Yourself Deal With Neck, Shoulder & Arm Discomfort

Neck and Shoulders

I have a massage client that cleans carpets for a living. His main complaint is upper body pain.  When working, I have felt the tension in my shoulders and neck on many occasions so I feel quite confident offering my  client tips on what I have used to try to relieve that tension on my own using my hands to massage, and it usually felt good. However, I later found out that it was not good to do self neck massage, as it leads to creating more tension on your body. This is known as the third leading cause of pain for most people. One of the most common ways today that people have this pain is from texting, to do so you lean slightly over your phone causing a strain in your neck. Instead of self assage, here is the best way to handle your pain in the neck and shoulders:

  • Take a tennis ball and place it between a wall and your shoulder.
  • Lift your arm above your head and move your head from side to side.
  • Move the ball around to different locations on your neck and shoulders to find the best place to help alleviate your pain.

 Ache Due To Slouching

Do you have a bad habit of slouching? Do you also feel an aching pain in your mid to lower back? Yeah, that’s comes from slouching. This can be a constant or recurring pain that can last all day at times. It is, however, a habit that is hard to break. First step to ending this pain is to retain your body not to slouch. This isn’t a quick process either. It will take approximately a month’s time to correct this issue, as it is said it takes about 28 days to undo a habit. In the meantime, here are is a way to help alleviate that pain.

  • Lie down on your back, and make sure that your feet are a shoulder’s width apart, as well as flat on the floor.
  • Take your tennis ball or foam roller, in this case a foam roller works best, and place it underneath your shoulder blades. This way it will be perpendicular to your body.
  • Lastly, simply rock your body away from and toward your feet on top of the foam roller or tennis ball.

Sore Forearms

I get sore in my arms a lot. You can have this problem due to a job that may be typing, manual labor, or any work with your hands. I type on a daily basis and often use this method to relieve pain that I feel personally. I use all methods that assist me in my daily life, but this is my favorite. Here is a simple method to help your forearm pain.

  • Start by putting out your arm in front of you, with the palm up. Cup this hand just under your elbow on the opposite hand.
  • Turn your arm over within your grip, so your palm will face the ground.
  • Do this again down your arm, up until you reach your wrist. Try not to squeeze too hard. I hope these tips help you alleviate your aches and pains!


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