Simple Tips for Self-Soothing Pain

We all have pains that occur in our body from time to time. We may not all go spend our cash on professional help for our pains, like chiropractors and massage therapists, though. So for those of you that don’t spend that extra cash, or just don’t have the cash to spend, here are a few tips to alleviate some of your pain. These are simple tips that can be done with just your hands, or with a foam roller or tennis ball. The best part is that you can do all of these by yourself, and they are really simple.

Lower Back Pain

I am going to start with lower back pain as this is a common problem that a lot of people suffer from. In fact, there is a statistic that 80% of Americans suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Another statistic states that the most common cause of people on disability is a form of back pain. Spine Universe’s website even states there are a large variety of at risk jobs. Some examples include, warehouse workers, healthcare workers, office workers and workers that use heavy hand held equipment such as arborists and other workers that engage in tree service.  These are just a few of the occupations that could benefit from self-relaxation techniques.

Here are some easy to follow instructions

This technique requires two tennis balls to do, or two foam rollers, however the tennis balls work best in this instance.

  • Start by laying down on your back, and leave your legs bent, while still planted firm on the ground.
  • Take the two tennis balls underneath your lower back, close to the triangular bone that is in your spine, at the very base of it, where it meets up with your hip bone.
  • Knead this area with the tennis balls by raising and lowering your hips as you do.

This will help to alleviate the pain you are feeling and get you back to work, wherever that may be.

 Knee Pain

A lot of people suffer from knee pain. According to Huffington Post, 47% of Americans suffer from this issue. Jobs that have you sitting behind a desk are most at risk for this sort of pain. Jobs such as: Customer Service Desk, office jobs l, Driver jobs like Furniture Movers, Haulers, and more.

The exercise I will give you will help in working out the fascia, or bound connective tissue fibers. Normally we call these knots, they are created when you bend your legs for too long of a period. The exercise for your knees is really simple.

  • Sit down in a chair, then unbend your leg, bring it straight out, and let it rest. The quad muscles will be soft if this is done properly.
  • Using your hand, gently press into where it hurts. You can use either your knuckle or fingertip for this. Making the shape of a star, gently massage this area for about 10-­20 seconds.
  • Straighten your knee out, then bend in for a total of 2­-3 times.
  • Finally, repeat this entire process at least 3­-4 times for each sore spot on your knee.

Tension Headaches

With the stress of your workday, I am sure you have gotten a tension headache at least once before. You may be stressing over a variety of situations that happen at work, and suddenly now you have a headache that matches your stress level. According to an article on “I hate headaches”, there are approximately 45 million people in America that suffer from headache, with an estimated 80-­90% of our population having suffered a tension headache at one point in their life! That’s a lot of people!

This exercise will help to relieve tension you may have built up in your head and neck.  It was shared with me by one of my massage clients.  She has a digital marketing firm that deals in SEO and sales lead generation so as you can imagine every client’s headache becomes her headache.  She told me this technique really works for her.

  • First, you need to lay down on your back, legs bent, just like you did for your lower back.
  • Now take a tennis ball and place one in each of your hands. Hold it between your forefinger and thumb, and then place your hands behind your head, making sure that the balls are on both sides of your skull’s base.
  • Take turns moving your head from one side to the other, then tilt your head up and down, tucking your chin in as you look down.

Another way to relieve a headache is to slowly make a circle with your fingers, preferably just the tips on your the sides of your forehead, your temple. Slowly make your circle bigger and move it until your circle is touching your scalp. Continue this to relieve pain.


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