Relax With Foods – I Saved the Best for Last

This is the last of our installments on foods that help us relax, and I have saved some of your favorites – well, some of my favorites for last.  Some of these foods may be a little more tempting that those previously discussed, so just remember everything in moderation.  It won’t be very relaxing if you over do it and start to pack on the pounds.

Think Like Winnie The Pooh, Eat Honey 

Honey never really gets enough recognition on what it is good for. A lot of people eat honey, use it, but never really think about what benefits it has. Honey is excellent for helping you relax as it contains high levels of tryptophan, and we all know now that this is a supplement that helps lower anxiety and relax your nerves. Honey also contains high levels of potassium that has a soothing effect on the body and brain. It is known to help fight stress hormones and acids in your body to bring a relaxed feeling to your nerves.

Sunflower Seeds

I mentioned these as an alternative to chocolate, but they really deserve much more than that. So I am going to talk about them a little more. These contain a high level of folate, which is helpful when your body is trying to produce dopamine. This chemical is one that makes you feel better, and controls your emotional responses. So go grab some sunflower seeds, sit out by your pool or somewhere you can relax and enjoy! When looking for an alternative for these, you can look at the alternates for chocolate, but they will not all have the same benefit as these seeds.

Eat Oats

Oats raise the absorption of tryptophan, that awesome supplement we keep talking about. Oats, being high in starch help calm you down by adding less sugars to flood your blood. They also have a ton of fiber, which is great to lower your cholesterol. Oats are best with another food, such as nuts, seeds or dark chocolate, as they will give you even more of a soothing effect.  Substitutes would be legumes, grains or nuts.

Last but not least -Eat Chocolate!

Yes, I am telling you that chocolate is an excellent way to relax specifically dark chocolate is great to lower and reduce your stress level for your brain. This is done due to dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin that it contains. These hormones are good to lower your stress. There is a lot of foods that contain dark chocolate and have that benefit to your body.

Dark Chocolate has an additional benefit of helping you hormonal and nervous systems function. Before chocolate is even chocolate, it is a raw ingredient known as cacao. This ingredient is high in flavonoids that are full of relaxation properties. Phenylethylanine, a chemical contained in cacao, has been said to raise mood levels. The darker the chocolate, the better it is for you. Chocolate has an amino acid, tryptophan,  that is used to create serotonin and relax our brains in our bodies. If for some reason you don’t like chocolate, you can also find the same benefit in almonds, sesame seeds, legumes, sunflower seeds, nuts, and red meat.


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